About Us

We capture moments and emotions you would love to cherish your entire life.

Welcome to Bhupen’s Studio. Spearheaded by Bhupendra Maddhesia, we are an avid, artistic, and ingenious team of best photographers in Lucknow who have pictured over 200+ events, perpetually exploring ingenious ways to tell stories through the pictures. Our goal is not only to capture the moment, but also to narrate the story of emotions. We pour ourselves into every project we are a part of, and we devote ourselves to create excellent photos and videos.

A bunch of abundant talents being Photographers, Cinematographers and Editors here in our team are focusing on making charming and hearty pictures and visuals of each event. Having different perspectives and bizarre thoughts, we strive to preserve your memories forever.

We are constantly exploring unconventional and creative ways to tell wonderful stories, bringing in uniqueness in all our work that will be deeply appreciated and highly cherished. The heartfelt pictures and visuals received are a true indication of the team’s effort. We put our heart and soul to help produce memories that are the purest reflection of the moment, capturing not just what’s noticeable, but also that which often goes unnoticed.

“The promise is finely detailed, timeless visuals from your special day which you are bound to love.”

Bhupendra Maddhesia, Founder & Director

“I am an artist at living – my work of art is my life.”

There are only a few lucky ones among us who have discovered their passion during an early age. Bhupendra Maddhesia discovered his calling just when he crossed the threshold of school education and entered an arena of unlimited opportunities. Instead of going for regular education to secure a blue-collared future, he chose to make a path of his own. He began with street photography and making documentaries, some of which made their way to Film Festivals. Furthering his passion, he decided to pursue formal education. He got admission in one of the leading institutes - Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune. After mastering his skills and knowledge from this premium hub, he began working in Mumbai Television Industry. He has worked in different capacities, such as Assistant Cameraperson, Assistant Director in TV serials like Crime Patrol, Shani Dev, Porus, MahaKali, Radha Krishna. He had a brief stint of Fashion Photography also. Having worked there for almost 5 years, he felt the urge to start something of his own.

Resultantly, he established Bhupen’s Studio and developed a team of dedicated and passionate photographers. He and his team specialize in finding perfection in frames.